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RBC Ventures aims to remodel the home renovation experience with the acquisition of Smart Reno

RBC Ventures announced today that it acquired Smart Reno, Canada’s leading home renovation marketplace.

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RBC is going beyond banking to create meaningful solutions that touch every Canadian.

How? We are building new ventures, acquiring growing firms, making investments and partnering with organizations that share our vision. The results are products and services that solve problems and make lives better.

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We encourage innovation by investing in companies that develop transformational technologies.

And what's more, our partner companies benefit from insights and expertise from across RBC to help grow their businesses and tap into new markets.

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Your ideas matter, your voice gets heard and your skills are put to the test every day.

We take the energy, agility and entrepreneurial spirit of the startup world, and pair them with the immense assets of an established global brand. The result is a unique environment where you can create and deliver groundbreaking concepts that people love.

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We collaborate with top brands to create game-changing solutions.

When we pair our capabilities and assets with those of other industry leaders, we build unique experiences that set us both apart.

Mike Dobbins