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“We are here for you” – Arrive steps up resources to newcomers during COVID-19

Every newcomers’ journey is unique, yet it all begins with the same step: leaving a home country to settle elsewhere. For those who choose Canada as their new home, Arrive makes it easier for newcomers to access the information and assistance they need to make a smoother transition.

Arrive focuses on helping newcomers achieve their life, career, and financial goals, before and after arrival. But with the COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world and its effect on travel, the economy, job prospects, and physical distancing, Arrive was even more concerned for the newcomer community, which includes permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, international students, and refugees.

“COVID-19 has made everyone’s lives a little more stressful. We understand that as a newcomer, your situation may be more uncertain and all of us at Arrive are here for you,” said Shikha Bhuchar, co-founder at Arrive. “We have two objectives right now: to inform and to help.”

The Arrive team has published a series of articles and online sessions to help newcomers navigate this new environment, including information explaining new government economic relief measures, adapting and preparing for a job search, and diving into mental health and coping during this time when some may not yet have strong networks in Canada.

For recently-landed newcomers who may be concerned about their health but not yet covered by provincial healthcare plans, Arrive has that covered as well. It is offering one free online doctor consultation with a general practitioner with Maple, a telemedicine platform, for eligible newcomers to Canada.

But sometimes, newcomers just need to talk to someone who can be a voice of encouragement and help them develop skills for the Canadian job market. On the free Arrive Connections platform, Arrive Ambassadors can fill this gap. They are a network of professionals, many who are former newcomers themselves and now want to pay forward the help they received.

“Newcomers are, by definition, more brave and resilient than many because they uproot their lives in their home country, leave their comfort zone, and start over in a new country,” We can get through this by working together, as one community, by helping one another and being kind — just the way Canadians are known to be,” said Tricia Jose, co-founder at Arrive.

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