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Going Beyond the Resume: Preparing You to Get that Dream Job

With approximately half a million Canadians graduating from post-secondary education every year, forget about getting a dream job - students are finding it hard to get any job. As a result, students and recent grads often find themselves turning to part-time work or the gig economy, or even worse, are unemployed until they ultimately land a full-time career related role.

Enter Prepped, one of RBC Ventures’ latest ventures. Prepped is a free and digital program that helps students and recent grads more effectively tackle their job search.


Prepped co-founders, Julia Fulton and Laura Kirsch, are both HR professionals turned entrepreneurs through their shared passion of helping people successfully grow their careers. After speaking to countless students and post graduates, Julia and Laura discovered that students’ main method of tackling their job search is through online job search platforms. Having worked with Fortune500 companies to place successful candidates, and knowing the proven science of how to successfully find work, the Prepped cofounders empathized with the frustrated feelings students often face with their job search and sought out to help empower them to increase their chance of landing a job by up to 6x1.

"Our goal is to provide our users with proven job-search techniques and tools that can help them land their dream job. We’re helping new and recent graduates feel more confident about applying to jobs. We can help them self-identify what skills and strengths they have and effectively sell themselves when networking/interviewing", Laura says.

By breaking down the job search process into learning modules, short videos and simple exercises and tools, Prepped prepares their users to be hired. One of the most popular features is an elevator pitch generator, which helps users craft an introduction that they can use at networking events. Users are also able to record themselves practicing the elevator pitch, and share it with friends and family for feedback.

Prepped is owned and operated by RBC Ventures. The co-founders love the user-centric environment and the focus on identifying meaningful consumer problems. Julia says “It’s been an amazing place to work. There is an overwhelming amount of knowledge and expertise within the team and we never felt that we were surviving on our own.”

Interested in learning more about the Prepped and the team? Visit them at FullyPrepped.ca

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